2018 La Penna | Beamsville Bench | Estate Grown

$ 49.95 • 750 ml • 12 bt/cs • Extra Dry
About This Wine
The name La Penna – ‘feather’ in Italian – alludes to migratory hawks that ride thermal updrafts along the steep limestone cliffs at our Cave Spring Vineyard. These breezes enable us, in the traditional ‘appassimento’ method, to naturally air dry Cabernet Franc grapes grown at our estate. The concentrating effect of this time-honoured process enriches and adds complexity to the final cuvée.
2018 was a warm vintage with normal precipitation levels and low yields. Cabernet Franc ripened in its normal window, producing succulent wines with fine-grained tannins and long-term agability.
VarietiesCabernet Franc
Estate Grown 100%
AppellationBeamsville Bench
SiteCave Spring Vineyard
Elevation125–155 m (410–510 ft)
Slope/Exposure3–6% / NNW
Stony clay till composed primarily of limestone and dolostone mixed with sandstone, shale and traces of granite and gneiss; soils overlie moraine and sandstone/shale bedrock; depth ranges from 4 to 8 m
Harvest Data
Harvest Date Oct 12–Nov 29
Sugar 24.5º Brix
Titratable Acidity 5.5 g/L
pH 3.44
Appassimento Method – According to the traditional Veronese air-drying method, Cabernet Franc was selectively hand-harvested and transferred onto racks in a naturally ventilated barn at our vineyard where natural air flows resulted in a gradual desiccation of the grapes over a 6-week period. Appassimento Portion (20%) – The air-dried fruit was manually crushed, after which the must underwent a month long maceration with manual punch-downs. Following pressing, the wine was barrel aged for 20 months in a new French oak 500 L puncheon. Conventinonal Portion (80%) – 14-day maceration and fermentation using indigenous yeasts; ageing for 22 months in French Oak barriques and puncheons- 2nd and 3rd fill.
Bottling Data
Bottling Date Oct 2020
Alc./Vol 14.9%
Residual Sugar < 2.0 g/L
Titratable Acidity 6 g/L
pH 3.58
Production 265 cs
Sensory Profile
On the nose, figs and dried fruit are married with notes of smoky sour cherry and blueberry. Cedar and saddle leather are also part of the bouquet with undertones of dark chocolate and mint. The palate is full-bodied and round with an affirming mineral seam and balancing acidity. Upfront rich notes of dried fruit (raisons and prunes) lead to a plush middle palate with notes of ripe purple plum. The finish is long and spicy with notes of cinnamon, clove and sour cherry left lingering on the palate.
Eminently drinkable upon release, the 2018 vintage will be at its zenith between 2023 and 2025.
Food Pairings
Roast fowl and game birds (e.g., duck, Guinea hen squab); osso buco; slow roast of lamb or venison; grilled steak or prime rib, cooked rare; gnocchi with Gorgonzola
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