Our Wines

All Cave Spring Vineyard wines are certified for their origin by the Vintners Quality Alliance of Ontario (VQA) and for environmental practices by Sustainable Winemaking Ontario (SWO). Our portfolio follows the VQA appellations and sub-appellations from which they originate, reflecting our deep commitment to provenance and terroir in our wine growing philosophy. Accordingly, our wines are organized into the four tiers – Regional, Dolomite, Estate and CSV/Proprietary – all originating from one or more of the following sites:

CAVE SPRING VINEYARD | Estate | Beamsville Bench | 61 ha (151 ac)
MYERS VINEYARD | Estate | Lincoln Lakeshore | 8.5 ha (21 ac)
TUFFORD ROAD VINEYARD | Estate | Lincoln Lakeshore | 3 ha (7.5 ac)
ANDREWES VINEYARD | Lincoln Lakeshore | 7.5 ha (18 ac)

Our Wines By Tier