For Cave Spring Vineyard, the compounding effect of four decades of carefully considered decisions has earned our winery the reputation of a proud pioneer, brave enough to try new things, and patient enough to await the rewards revealed with every passing vintage. At Cave Spring Vineyard, every decision we make is measured against a single question that serves as our collective compass: Does this choice enhance our ability to create wines that capture and express the terroir of our vineyards?

Continually asking ourselves this question guides our evolution, from the selection of the cool-climate varieties we grow to our rigorous commitment to sustainability, the utilization of exclusively indigenous yeasts and neutral oak in the cellars, and our constant crusade for more demanding industry standards.


Tradition Has A Taste

Recalling the joy his father and son had found tapping into their rural Italian roots to revive a small vineyard in the 1960s, John Pennachetti Senior knew that abandoned orchard set against the Niagara Escarpment’s limestone cliffs had the potential to be something so much more for his family.

Today, more than four decades after John and his sons took a chance and planted some of Niagara’s first Riesling and Chardonnay vines on that plot of land, Cave Spring Vineyard serves as a constant reminder of the good things that can happen when we honour our past to forge a new future.


Exceed The Standards. Ask “What’s Next?”

At Cave Spring Vineyard, working toward true sustainability means viewing everything we do through the lens of rigorous environmental stewardship. Being Sustainable Winemaking Ontario’s first winery to achieve certification in both our vineyards and cellars was just the beginning. With that milestone complete, we dug even deeper to identify how we could exceed those exacting standards.

We don’t just select vineyard sites and varieties that allow us to minimize intervention. We also leverage and protect the unique attributes of the Niagara Escarpment’s soils, springs and slopes. By continuing to ask, “What can we do next to shrink our carbon footprint?” our goal is to excite and engage others in making similar changes. From becoming the first winery in the world to tap into innovative wastewater treatment technology to making barrel selection decisions that preserve forests and reduce emissions, we see each day as a new opportunity to be better stewards of the environment.

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