Vineyard Teambuilding Tasting

The Wonderful World of Wine Words! This fun, social team activity will have your group howling with laughter while enjoying some of Cave Spring’s finest wine. A Cave Spring team member will lead the group through a “definition challenge” of ‘wine related’ words. The teams will endeavour to define a wine word to the best of their ability. Each team will have the opportunity to define the word, vote on the word and ‘bluff ’ the work, earning points as they do so. Bluffing with finesse wins points. Throughout the game your team members will enjoy wine tasting and nibbles.

Cost: $55 (Minimum 6 people)
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Email us at stating Vineyard Tasting Room location, full name, number of guests, preferred time and a mobile number. We will confirm back to you ASAP.

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