Vineyard Site Selection

Nestled up against the Niagara Escarpment on a gentle slope of the Beamsville Bench, Cave Spring Vineyard has many natural advantages in terms of sustainability. The constant air turbulence at the vineyard caused by the collision of on-shore breezes from nearby Lake Ontario with the steep Escarpment cliff at the site is very important to our grapes. This wind helps to mitigate cold temperatures that may cause frost damage in the winter, spring and fall. One benefit of this is that we do not need the large, fossil fuel-burning fans that vineyards in other areas of Niagara employ to artificially create air movement. These natural breezes also aid in drying out the soil and grape canopy after rainfall, thereby helping to decrease humidity and lessen fungal disease pressure. Similarly, the gentle slopes and stony soils of our vineyard allow for natural water drainage, which also helps overall vine health. Unique to Cave Spring Vineyard is a series of ground water springs that supply highly mineralized ground water. These subterranean flows pass down through layers of sedimentary Escarpment rock above the site to the sub?soils of the vineyards below, helping to provide moisture to the vines during dry periods. In short, the natural attributes of climate and geology at Cave Spring Vineyard provide us with natural frost protection, water drainage, and irrigation, thereby lessening the need for environmentally demanding interventions.