In bottling our wines, we use lightweight glass for the majority of our releases, greatly reducing greenhouse emissions resulting from the transport of our wines to markets in Canada, the USA and overseas. As well, by choosing cork closures for many (though not all) of our wines, we employ an organic material that is entirely renewable. In the printing of our labels we rely upon state-of-the-art technology that is not only among the most energy efficient available, but also completely eliminates the use of harmful polymers and metals and greatly reduces volatile organic compound emissions as well as landfill waste. We have also streamlined our production and packaging processes at the winery to the point where we divert 93% of our solid waste materials away from landfill and into recycling streams. Finally, in the transport of our wines we have eliminated shrink-wrap film in the stabilization of cased goods – a technique that is commonly used throughout the world ­– thus greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste directed to landfill sites around the globe. In short, we work to minimize our impact on the environment at every step in the packaging of our wines.