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New waste water management system now in place | News image
New waste water management system now in place

We all know water is a precious commodity. The droughts in western Canada and California underlined the vulnerability of this valuable resource, and remind us that we all share a responsibility for preserving and protecting our waterways and community environments.

This is of utmost importance to all Ontarians as well as the agricultural and food processing sectors in Ontario. And that is why we are being formally recognized as a provincial leader in resource management.

Cave Spring is a leader in environmentally sustainable practices in Ontario. The winery’s new sustainable wastewater management system is not just the first of its kind in the wine sector; it’s unique to any food and beverage company in Canada. It reduces business costs while also protecting water resources. That’s a win-win for the environment, the industry and the neighbouring communities.

“We put a lot of pride and commitment into producing excellent wine, and we recognize that our customers care about the environment as much as we do, “said Cave Spring owner Len Pennachetti. “It simply makes sense to better manage our resources. It saves us money and protects the environment.”

A not-for-profit organization that helps Ontario businesses resolve resource management issues, BLOOM is proud to be a partner with Cave Spring in celebrating its innovative approach to environmental sustainability.

“There is a real desire in the Ontario wine sector to be environmental stewards and good neighbours in managing resources,” said Kevin Jones, President & CEO of BLOOM. “Cave Spring is a role model for all Ontario companies looking for an economically feasible connection to environmental responsibility. “

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