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Icewine Harvest 2014 | News image
Icewine Harvest 2014

We just finished our 2014 Icewine Harvest and this is what our winemaker, Angelo Pavan, had to say:

“This was an excellent icewine harvest, easily one of the best in our winery’s 29 vintage history, working exclusively as we always do with the Riesling grape. The 2014 growing season was on the cool side and the regular Riesling harvest was complete by the end of October. With the fruit clean and most importantly not over-ripe, the grapes were in excellent condition to hang into early winter. This is in contrast to warmer vintages where earlier table-wine harvest dates can result in over-ripe grapes heading into the late season, and often some breakdown in the fruit. This year, however, there was no rot, with the Riesling in pristine condition heading into this week’s deep freeze.

I was also very pleased that despite a relatively late icewine harvest, which can cause considerable desiccation, the fruit remained very sound at picking. We typically like to harvest in December, before there is a chance for the fruit to dry out. But this year the juice yield was considerable despite the delay in harvest. Finally, I must say another plus this year is that we were able to pick for three days in a row during daylight hours as temperatures after sunrise remained well below the -8C minimum needed to maintain frozen fruit. Harvesting and pressing by day is much easier than during the dead of night, which is more often the norm in December and early January. Not only will the icewine be great, but my team in the cellar is ecstatic to able to sleep through the night!

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