Cave Inn Reward Levels and Terms and Conditions 2015


Reward Levels & Terms and Conditions


There are 3 ways to become a member of the Cave | Inn Rewards program. To be eligible to earn rewards from wine purchases, join myCave Club, make any purchase through the Cave Spring Online Wine Shop ( or make an initial one-time wine purchase of $100 in the Cave Spring Wine Shop in Jordan, ON. 

  1. myCave Club: As soon as you become a member of myCave, or give a membership to myCave as a gift, automatically receive a Cave Inn Rewards card. Receive your card when you join the club, or it will be mailed to you at the billing address on the myCave Club Enrollment Form. Start accumulating rewards after the first shipment, and even better, after each shipment we send to you.
  2. Online: When making the initial purchase online, you are automatically enrolled in the program unless you choose to opt-out. Receive your membership card either with your first order, or it will be mailed to you at the billing address that you entered when you created your online account.
  3. In-Store: When making the initial $100 purchase in Cave Spring Wine Shop in Jordan, you will be required to fill out an enrollment form at that time. Once completed, you will receive your card, and rewards, immediately.


Each member will be issued a Cave Inn Rewards card that has a unique number ascribed to it and is registered in the member’s name.

There is a limit of one Cave | Inn Rewards card per customer.


Cave | Inn Rewards will be issued upon the member reaching purchase plateaus at increments of $500, based upon the Reward Levels. These rewards can be used toward the following Cave Spring Cellars and Inn On The Twenty offerings:

  • Dining at On The Twenty restaurant*
  • Accommodation at Inn On The Twenty and the Jordan House Hotel*
  • Spa treatments at Spa On The Twenty*
  • Special tastings, winery events, apparel and wine accessories at Cave Spring Wine Shop*

* Reservations are required to ensure availability; some restrictions apply. 


Rewards are issued when a member’s accumulated sales of all wine purchases (net of HST & Ontario bottle deposit) reach a new reward level.  Levels are as follows:

Purchases Achieved Accumulated Rewards
$500 $25
$1,000 $75
$1,500 $150
$2,000 $200
Every Additional $500 Add an additional $50 per $500


Rewards will be updated bi-monthly based on accumulated sales (net of HST & Ontario bottle deposit). When you login to your account (, see your Rewards earned as of 14 days prior to your last purchase.

  1. Any wine purchased from Cave Spring Cellars, either in the Cave Spring Wine Shop, online at, or by purchasing a membership to myCave Club, will count towards the Cave | Inn Rewards program (see ‘Reward Levels’ above).
  2. To earn rewards:
  • In-store - when at the Cave Spring Wine Shop present the Cave | Inn Rewards card at time of purchase
  • Online - when ordering online there is no need to re-enter the card number as it is tracked in your online account
  • myCave Club - rewards earned will be added to your account when your credit card is charged  


  1. Cave Spring Cellars shall maintain the privacy, security, and integrity of all personal information collected from Cave | Inn Rewards members.  By providing the required personal information to Cave Spring Cellars, you consent to Cave Spring Cellars using this information for the purposes specified herein.
  2. Cave Spring Cellars will not give, rent, or sell its Cave | Inn Rewards member list to any organization or individual.
  3. Cave | Inn Rewards members must advise Cave Spring Cellars immediately of any changes regarding personal information including name, address, phone number, email address, etc.   


  1. The Cave | Inn Rewards card is not a credit card.  As the property of Cave Spring Cellars, it may be revoked at any time by Cave Spring Cellars at its sole discretion.
  2. Cave | Inn Rewards accumulated sales are reduced to zero upon closure of a Cave | Inn Rewards membership.
  3. Should any Cave | Inn Rewards member cease to make purchases for a period of 24 consecutive calendar months, the membership will be deemed inactive and all accumulated credits will be forfeited.
  4. Cave | Inn Rewards are of no cash value and are non-transferable.
  5. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information herein is correct.  Cave Spring Cellars and its affiliates are not responsible for any errors or omissions.  
  6. A member must be 19 years of age or older to purchase wine in Ontario and, therefore, participate in the Cave | Inn Rewards program.